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Tim Burtons Coraline Mug

Tim Burtons Coraline Mug

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Step into the mesmerizing world of Coraline with our beautifully crafted Coraline Mug. Featuring the iconic character Coraline in her signature yellow raincoat, this mug is a must-have for fans of Tim Burton's captivating film.

Made from high-quality ceramic, our Coraline Mug is not only a piece of memorabilia but a work of art. This unique design captures the spirit of the movie and adds a touch of enchantment to your daily routine.

Perfect for sipping your morning coffee, tea, or any favourite beverage, this mug combines functionality with artistic elegance. Whether you're a devoted fan of the film or simply appreciate the whimsical world Tim Burton created, this mug is sure to delight.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow Coraline enthusiast? Look no further. Our Coraline Mug makes for a wonderful present, allowing you to share your passion for this beloved classic with a loved one.

Don't miss the chance to bring the magic of Coraline into your life. Order your Coraline Mug today and let the enchanting world of this iconic character infuse your mornings with wonder and imagination.


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Product Features


These mugs are 11 oz (312 Grams) are great to have your own mug at home or a special gift for loved one. 

Easy to Handle

These mugs are perfect size for coffee and tea, height is 95mm and width is 80mm. 
There’s sufficient room between the handle and cup itself, with the good design handle, so comfy in the hand that makes the tea, coffee taste even more well.

Cleaning advise

Our cups are dishwasher and microwave safe! Designed with additional strength walls for added stability and durability. 


Just like the restaurant´s mugs, our heat press mugs are very long-lasting because they are made from certified grade porcelain. Also, Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe.